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Where to buy CellDerma skin care In Surrey

where to buy cellderma skincare in surrey

The Nimmo Clinic is proud to stock CellDerma skin care in our Cobham based clinic in Surrey.

CellDerma was founded by Dr Dev Patel, and is now the must have, next generation skin care brand that has got everyone talking. 

Featured in iconic fashion magazines such as British Vogue, CellDerma utilises futuristic ingredients like growth factors, which have regenerative properties to improve your skin health.

What products do CellDerma make?

CellDerma’s range incorporates a lip balm for perfect lips, cleansers, creams, serums and sunscreens, all of which have been through rigorous scientific and clinical testing so that you can be sure that these products deliver the results you want.

CellDerma has been in development since 2016, utilising the experience and technology of leading skin care laboratories in Switzerland, South Korea and the United States.

Award winning skin care

CellDerma Youth Restore won the Marie Claire Skin Award for Best Multitasking serum in 2023. This age defying serum  incorporates growth factors that help the skin look brighter and tighter with a more even skin tone.

buy Youth Restore by CellDerma in Surrey

What are growth factors in skin care?

Growth factors are secretions from human stem cells. Human stem cells have been tried and tested in traditional medicine for decades but in the cosmetics world the stem cells used are strictly plant based. Plant based stem cells don’t offer the regenerative benefits that are found in human stem cells. 

However human growth factors can be used in cosmetic skin care and their properties make them a viable ingredient to improve skin health

What do growth factors do for the skin?

Skin care like CellDerma that contains growth factors has the advantage of being able to repair, heal and rejuvenate the skin. The growth factors in CellDerma help to boost collagen production, improve elasticity and firmness and fight the signs of ageing.

CellDerma at The Nimmo Clinic

If you would like to try CellDerma’s award winning skincare products why not make an appointment for a skin care consultation at The Nimmo Clinic in Cobham. We are always delighted to welcome new patients into the clinic and we are passionate about working with each patient on an individual basis to find skin care solutions that deliver amazing results. 

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