Botox In CobhaM Surrey


At the Nimmo Clinic we are committed to providing our patients with high quality aesthetic treatments within our CQC registered facilities.

Anti-wrinkle injections using Botox are one of the most popular anti-ageing treatments available in our clinic in Cobham, Surrey.

Many patients will have Botox injections on the forehead, crows feet and around the eyes to relax the muscles, smooth out wrinkles and rejuvenate these areas.

We also provide Botox injections to treat other concerns.

These include treating ‘bunny’ lines, a gummy smile, masseter Botox, to slim the face or relieve tension from the jaw muscles (also known as Bruxism), Nerfetiti neck lifts and the treatment of excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis).

Botox in cobham


botox in cobham

Dr. Nimmo is an advanced medical aesthetics practitioner with a wealth of experience.

He is highly skilled and can adapt his injection technique to meet your desired outcome. Some patients at our Cobham clinic prefer a more ‘frozen’ look, others prefer a more subtle look.

We work closely with our patients to make sure we fulfil their individual requirements. Patients are taken through a comprehensive consultation before we begin treatment.  Time is taken to make sure that you are suitable for anti-wrinkle injections and that we fully understand your specific needs before we begin administering treatment.

All of our patients are offered a 2 week review after their initial treatment. This allows for the time needed for the product to work. At the review appointment we make sure that you are completely happy with your results and we can offer subtle tweaks to improve the look of the treatment if this is necessary.


Your safety is paramount, which is why our clinic in Cobham is proudly registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

CQC registration ensures we comply with the relevant regulations and standards and adhere to the CQC’s fundamental standards for care, including person-centeredness, safety, effectiveness, responsiveness, and leadership.

Our Cobham clinic is also registered with SaveFace, the only Government Approved Register which is exclusive to Doctors, Nurses, Dentists and Prescribing Pharmacists.

Dr. Martin Nimmo is also a member of The Allergan Medical Institute, developed in partnership with the most eminent specialists in their field, with a curriculum encompassing the latest scientific and clinical education.

The vast majority of adults will be suitable for treatment. Dr. Nimmo will always provide an in-depth consultation to ensure that your treatment is individualised for your specific concerns.
The effects of the treatment should last for 12 weeks, although some patients find the results can last up to 4 months. Every patient is unique and the products used can interact differently with each patient’s individual biology, hence why some people get longer lasting results than others.

You will usually be able to go about your day to day activities immediately following treatment, however, to ensure optimal results we suggest avoiding alcohol, vigorous exercise, steam rooms and saunas for 24 hours post treatment. We take you through all the correct aftercare when you have your treatment so you will be fully informed of what you can and can’t do.

For your safety we would recommend that you always choose an injector who is medically qualified. There are other standards such as being CQC and Save Face registered that are also signs that your injector adheres to high clinical standards.

botox in cobham


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