Sagging Earlobes

Unfortunately, it’s not just the face that sags as we age; earlobes can be impacted too. Your earlobe skin may also appear thinner and more wrinkled as you get older.

What causes sagging earlobes?

As we age, our levels of collagen, which provides structure and support in our skin, and elastin, which keeps skin stretchy, begin to decline. This means that our once well-rounded earlobes will lose their shape and begin to sag. Years of wearing heavy earrings may have also stretched your earlobes south

How can we fix sagging earlobes?

Injections of dermal filler can be used to treat sagging earlobes. They will plump the earlobe skin and can help to stimulate collagen production, so you will continue to see benefits after the filler has been fully absorbed. Dermal filler can also help partially close big earring piercings that may have stretched over time.

Sometimes, your level of earlobe sagging may be too severe for dermal filler treatment. If this is the case, we can refer you to a plastic surgeon who can advise you on surgical treatment options.

How long will earlobe filler last?

Here at The Nimmo Clinic, we use premium brands of dermal filler that are designed to produce long-lasting effective results. On average, you can expect your earlobes to appear plump and youthful for between six to 12 months. Even after this point, your earlobes should be in better condition than before you had treatment.

Are there any risks to sagging earlobe treatment?

Treating sagging earlobes with dermal filler is a generally safe procedure, as long as you are treated by a qualified and experienced practitioner in a safe environment.

You may experience slight swelling, redness, bruising and tenderness immediately following treatment, but these side effects should calm down after a few hours.

More serious concerns include lumps and bumps, infection and skin necrosis (skin death). At The Nimmo Clinic we take several steps to ensure these complications are avoided and, in the rare case that they do, we have the expertise and equipment to manage them safely and effectively.



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