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A holistic approach to positive ageing

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When it comes to botox and fillers, it’s essential to consider the face as a whole as opposed to treating features in isolation. 

Whilst we acknowledge the main areas you wish to focus on, we also believe in the importance of understanding how you want to feel, whether this be to look less tired, less angry, or more contoured.

The importance of a consultation

Sometimes as a patient it can be difficult to know exactly where your areas of concern are in order to achieve your desired look. For example, one patient may believe that frown lines are the area of concern and that they need botox to treat this, yet their end goal is to look less ‘saggy’ or tired. During their consultation with Dr. Martin, they may discover that filler or another device based treatment is a more appropriate solution – the sagginess is likely due to volume loss, and so there is a need for replacement of volume with a treatment plan bespoke to the individual patient’s needs.

We treat faces, not features

We believe that each face should receive an individualised approach. Some clinics offer filler packages consisting of specific quantities in specific areas, such as lips, cheeks, and jawlines. This risks over-treatment of specific areas and can produce an unnatural-looking and unbalanced result. At The Nimmo Clinic, we require each individual to have a detailed examination prior to their treatment in order to provide appropriate treatment to address their immediate concerns and plan long-term maintenance. It is essential that you find an injector with experience who understands how to create naturally proportioned aesthetics for each face they are treating – there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution.

It is important to undergo a consultation with an expert who will listen to your concerns and create a logical but conservative treatment plan. 

A holistic approach

It may seem daunting if, for example, you are going to have 5ml of filler injected – this is the equivalent to 1 teaspoon. However, when you put this total quantity into perspective, an experienced medical professional at the Nimmo Clinic will distribute this around the face to produce a harmonious result. A less experienced injector elsewhere may be inclined to treat a singular feature within their patient, such as the lips. If the lips are done in isolation, without treating the face as a whole, in many cases this will only draw attention to the lips upon completion and give a fake appearance.

Our experienced team want to promote positive ageing, not simply hiding one’s age, but instead allowing our patients to be the best version of themselves.

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