BBL Hero and Moxi laser Coming Soon

BBl Moxi Treatment in Surrey

We are delighted to announce that we will soon be taking delivery of a brand new BBL Hero and Moxi Laser device from Sciton, and we want you to be first in line to try these innovative new treatments!

Laser treatments have been in our aesthetics tool bag for some time now, resurfacing the skin, helping to improve scars and minimise the effects of ageing. As time and technology moves on, most things improve and that includes laser devices and the results we can offer to our patients.

Forever young BBL treatment surrey

At the Nimmo clinic we’re committed to bringing our patients the very best treatments on the market and that is why we are investing in the BBL Hero Moxi Laser from Sciton.

Who are Sciton?

Sciton is a trusted brand in aesthetics technology. Based in California they have a footprint in over 45 countries and their innovative aesthetics technology has contributed to them becoming market leaders in the global aesthetics market.

BBL Hero and Moxi Laser for your skin health 

BBL Hero and and the Moxi laser are two separate treatments which target different concerns. They can be used individually or together for fabulous results.

BBL and moxi treatment in Surrey

What is BBL Hero?

BBL stands for Broadband Light. You may have heard of IPL before (Intensed Pulsed Light Technology) which is a light treatment that is used to improve skin health. Sciton’s BBL is a newer type of IPL which incorporates high energy rapid output technology, it is 4 times faster and 3 times more powerful than IPL. 

Sciton’s innovative Broadband Light with High Energy Rapid Output technology is known as BBL Hero.

What can BBL Hero do for my skin?

BBL Hero can help you to achieve younger looking skin and a clearer complexion. It is an advanced way to treat various skin imperfections with greater precision and minimal downtime.

Sciton BBL Hero Surrey Acne treatment

The concerns treated by BBL Hero include:

  • Age and sun spots
  • Pigmentation
  • Acne
  • Rosacea
  • Thread veins
  • Cherry angiomas

What is the Moxi treatment?

The Moxi is a non-invasive laser treatment that is at the forefront of skin rejuvenation technology. It gently targets the deeper layers of the skin stimulating collagen production and promoting the skin’s natural healing processes.  It is an anti-ageing treatment that also minimises hyper-pigmentation, evens out skin tone, lightens, brightens and refreshes the skin making your complexion more flawless and beautifully radiant.

Can I combine BBL Hero and Moxi treatments?

Yes, you can! These treatments combined have been described by Kim Kardashian’s aesthetics doctor as the ‘closet thing we have to a ‘fountain of youth’ 

BBL’s targeted light energy penetrates deep into the skin, addressing pigmentation issues and stimulating cellular renewal, while Moxi’s fractional laser technology enhances collagen production and overall skin texture, effectively targeting multiple concerns in a single treatment session.

What Areas can BBL Hero and Moxi treat?

The treatment areas for these devices are not limited to just the face.

BBL Moxi laser skintyte treatment

These treatments transfer easily to other areas of the body including the neck, decolletage,  arms, legs, stomach, back, shoulders, hands and neck, reducing pigmentation, age spots and tightening and firming loose skin.

For a Limited time Get 4 BBL / MOXI Treatments for the Price of 3

To celebrate the launch of our brand new devices at The Nimmo Clinic, we are delighted to offer you a special introductory package of 4 sessions for the price of 3! This is strictly limited to the first 20 patients to take advantage of this one time offer.

BBL Moxi special offer surrey

To ensure you don’t miss out, deposits must be placed before 6pm on Friday 19th, with the outstanding balance settled before Friday 26th April.

Follow this link to pay your deposit now!