How to get rid of dark circles

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If you are suffering from dark circles underneath your eyes, you are not alone. Many people have this condition which can be brought on by genetics or lifestyle.

If your dark circles are due to your lifestyle, then there are quite a few things you can do to reverse the look of them. If they are genetic, there are still treatments that can help, but it can be harder to eradicate dark circles if they are hereditary.

At The Nimmo Clinic in Cobham we have successfully worked with many patients who have not been happy with their dark under eye circles, and helped them to find ways to manage this condition and feel more confident in themselves as a result

Making lifestyle changes to reduce the look of dark circles

Healthy living is the key to looking and feeling our best.  Eating good quality fresh and whole foods, keeping hydrated, not smoking, exercising, cutting down or stopping drinking alcohol are all steps that we can take that will leave us looking better in our skin. Eliminating the causes of stress and  having a good sleep routine is also a vital part of making our skin look great and reducing those dark circles!

Hereditary dark circles may also be reduced by following a healthy lifestyle. However, if you have made lifestyle changes and are still experiencing dark circles underneath your eyes you may want to consider cosmetic treatments.

Can dark circles really be treated?

The good news is that there are treatments that will work to reduce the look of dark circles. 

Here at The Nimmo Clinic in Surrey we treat all our patients on an individual basis and take the whole face and our patient’s lifestyles into account before suggesting the best treatment plan. 

We can prescribe a range of treatments like medical grade skincare, Morpheus8, polynucleotides and dermal fillers which can all work to reduce the look of under eye dark circles. 

Medical grade skincare for dark circles

Once you have the healthy lifestyle habits in place you can make your skin look even better by investing in medical grade skincare. Medical grade skincare is clinically proven to deliver results and there are some fantastic products on the market that have been formulated specifically to target dark undereye circles.

At The Nimmo Clinic in Surrey we stock both ZO and CellDerma medical grade skincare products. We have chosen to stock these brands as we have seen the fantastic results they offer to our patients.  

What are the best eye creams for dark circles?

At The Nimmo Clinic we would recommend the following eye creams to patients who want to get rid of dark undereye circles.

ZO Skin Health Intense Eye Cream

ZO Intense Eye Cream is a targeted retinol which has optical diffusers that reduce the look of dark circles and puffiness. Not only that, but ZO Intense Eye Cream also works to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and to improve skin texture and overall complexion.

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ZO Skin Health Growth Factor Eye Serum

If you’re looking for an eye serum that incorporates the latest, advanced ingredients you might like to try ZO Growth Factor Eye Serum. This innovative formulation removes blood pigments that can lead to dark circles, it’s detoxifying and reduces puffiness and oxidative stress. The cooling massaging design of the applicator helps improve the look of tired eyes while the serum also helps to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

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CellDerma Pigment Correct

If you are hoping to achieve brighter under eyes CellDerma’s Pigment Correct Serum could be just what you are looking for. This serum is incredibly hydrating and works to reduce darker pigmentation leaving visibly brighter and more radiant skin. Unlike many other serums that target dark circles, CellDerma’s Pigment Correct tackles pre-existing pigmentation as well as preventing it.

CellDerma GF5 Next Generation

For a next generation serum from the CellDerma brand, GF5 Growth Factor Serum is not only powerful as a standalone treatment that can target dark circles but can be combined with other aesthetic treatments to really reduce the look of dark under eyes. 

At The Nimmo Clinic we have seen brilliant results from this product when it has been used in conjunction with Morpheus8 or BBL & Moxi treatment. .

Injectable treatments to reduce dark circles

There are numerous injectable treatments that can be utilised to improve the look of dark under eye circles. Many people assume that the answer to dark circles is tear trough fillers and are surprised to find out that quite often this type of filler is the last resort to tackle dark circles. 

Tear trough fillers do have their place, but you might be surprised to know that other types of injectables such as dermal cheek fillers and polynucleotides can also play a key part in tackling this specific concern.

Dermal fillers for dark under eye circles

A highly trained aesthetics doctor will assess the whole face to create a treatment plan to help reduce the look of dark circles. Dr Martin Nimmo is not only the Clinical Director at The Nimmo Clinic but he is an Advanced Trainer for the Allergan Faculty. Dr Nimmo is expertly trained in how to position dermal fillers in the exact areas of the face that will improve the look of dark circles.

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Depending on the individual patient’s face shape, dermal fillers for dark circles may need injecting in the cheek area or in the temples as a solution to improve the look of dark circles. 

Creating structure with dermal filler can get rid of dark circles and eradicate the need for tear trough fillers in some patients.

Polynucleotides for dark under eye circles

Polynucleotides are an injectable treatment that use your own unique biology to regenerate cells to improve skin health and quality. Unlike many injectable treatments, polynucleotides can be injected very close to the eye area. This makes them a good option for treating dark circles. 

Unlike dermal fillers, it takes a longer time to see the results of polynucleotide treatment. This is because when they are injected it takes time for the natural regenerative process to begin. A course of polynucleotides can improve the look of dark circles and they can also be used in conjunction with other treatments, such as with dermal fillers or laser treatment.

Tear Trough fillers for dark circles

Tear trough fillers can dramatically improve the look of dark under eye circles, however this type of filler is not suitable for every patient. The best candidate for tear trough fillers will be quite hollow in the under eye area. 

Unfortunately if your under eyes are puffy, adding filler to the area will only make it look worse. Dr Martin Nimmo is expertly trained and always offers patients at The Nimmo Clinic a full facial assessment and consultation before advising on the best course of treatment for dark circles.

Radiofrequency, Light and Laser treatments for dark circles

Nowadays, there are many new technologies that aesthetics clinics have at their disposal. At The Nimmo Clinic we are dedicated to investing in the latest devices so that we can offer our discerning patients the best treatments that are available.

We have been long term advocates of Morpheus8 treatment and, more recently, we have invested in the BBL & Moxi devices from Sciton. We have seen fantastic results when we have used these devices to treat our patients under eye areas.

BBL & Moxi treatment for dark circles

BBL and Moxi treatment are a game changer for treating the area around the eyes and getting rid of dark circles. BBL & Moxi are next generation light and laser devices. 

Not only do these treatments work really well to lighten the under eye area, but they also treat the skin quality around the eyes, tightening the skin and getting rid of wrinkles.

before and after bbl moxi treatment surrey

Our model in this before and after picture has only had one BBL & Moxi treatment to achieve these fabulous results.

Morpheus8 treatment for dark under eye circles

Morpheus8 uses radiofrequency and microneedling technology to refresh and improve skin health and quality. Morpheus8 can be used specifically to target dark under eye circles and offers amazing results. This technology not only reduces the look of dark circles, but also tightens the under eye which reduces eye bags as well, leaving the under eye area looking fresh and rejuvenated.

Dark circle treatment at The Nimmo Clinic

If you are suffering with dark under eye circles and would like to get advice on how to treat this concern we would be delighted to offer you a consultation at The Nimmo Clinic in Surrey. 

Treatments can be administered in isolation, or where necessary we can combine them for even more dramatic results. Follow this link to book a consultation with Dr Martin Nimmo.