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Welcome to the forefront of weight loss innovation at The Nimmo Clinic! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Wegovy, a groundbreaking treatment that’s revolutionising the approach to sustainable weight loss. Did you know that clinical trials have shown Wegovy to be up to 3 times more effective than traditional methods? With this remarkable statistic, we invite you to explore how Wegovy can transform your weight loss journey and help you achieve the healthier, happier lifestyle you deserve. Join us as we embark on this exciting new chapter in personalised wellness!

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We are delighted to be able to offer scientifically proven medically-assisted weight loss programmes.

Achieving a 5-10% weight loss not only fosters enhanced well-being but also offers a plethora of health benefits. These include a significantly reduced risk of 30 types of cancers, a decreased likelihood of developing Type 2 Diabetes, alleviation of osteoarthritic pain, lowered blood pressure, and an improved blood lipid profile. Moreover, we are pleased to inform you that our programme now boasts a consistent and reliable supply chain. This addresses a previous concern faced by several patients who were using Ozempic but encountered difficulties obtaining the pen or the correct dosage. With this enhanced accessibility, we aim to provide seamless support on your weight loss journey.

  • For so many people, weight loss is a real clinical challenge. Not only do you run the risk of more health problems (particularly later in life) but its effect on your mental health cannot be denied.
  • Fad diets and conflicting advice fill you with false hopes and a weight rollercoaster. Many people long for clear, reliable, medically validated advice.
  • And the third reason you should speak to a clinician? Well, advances in medicine have progressed in leaps and bounds – so carry on reading!

We are delighted to be able to offer scientifically proven medically-assisted weight loss programmes using simple science to help you achieve your ideal weight – and stay there.

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In plain English

For the past few years, Ozempic has dominated the narrative in the realm of weight loss. Belonging to a class of medications known as GLP-1s (or ‘glucagon-like peptides’), it was initially investigated to aid individuals with diabetes but has since been proven effective in weight management.

Although Ozempic was historically prescribed off-license for weight loss, recent guidelines from the MHRA specify that prescriptions should adhere strictly to licensed indications to preserve stock.

As a CQC registered clinic providing medical weight loss services, we diligently monitor developments in the pharmaceutical market, and we’re excited to introduce Wegovy, an almost identical GLP-1 developed by the same manufacturer that is fully licensed.

Wegovy offers distinct advantages over Ozempic. Firstly, it is authorised for weight loss, providing a viable option despite current restrictions. Moreover, Wegovy boasts two higher doses than the maximum strength of Ozempic, allowing patients who previously found 1mg Ozempic insufficient for long-term suppression to adjust their dosage accordingly, and we have been able to secure a reliable supply chain to ensure we have ample stock.

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How GLP 1’s work

GLP-1 medications function by imitating the function of GLP-1, a naturally occurring hormone released by the stomach during food consumption.

These medications operate through various pathways. They:

• Stimulate insulin production in response to elevated blood sugar levels.
• Decrease the liver’s glucose production.
• Delay food digestion, thereby extending the time it takes for the body to absorb sugar from meals.
• Have the potential to curb appetite.

The programme is tailored for individuals with a BMI of 30 or above, or a BMI falling within the range of 27-30, accompanied by a weight-related health concern such as high blood pressure or cholesterol.

Wegovy is a virtually pain-free solution. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of frequent clinic visits and hello to a once-weekly injection that you can administer in the comfort of your own home. With Wegovy, achieving your weight loss goals has never been easier or more accessible.


Experience the groundbreaking advantages of Wegovy over traditional diet and exercise methods. While diet and exercise are undoubtedly valuable components of a healthy lifestyle, Wegovy offers a transformative edge that accelerates your weight loss journey to new heights. Our innovative treatment targets key hormones in the body to regulate appetite and metabolism, resulting in significant and sustained weight loss.


Unlike conventional approaches, Wegovy provides a powerful boost that enhances your body’s natural fat-burning capabilities, leading to remarkable results that exceed expectations. Explore the compelling data showcased in our diagrams below to witness the dramatic difference between Wegovy and placebo observed values, and unlock the path to a slimmer, healthier you. With Wegovy, the future of weight loss is here, and it’s brighter than ever before.


Your safety is paramount, which is why we’re proudly registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), ensuring compliance with the relevant regulations and standards and adheres to the CQC’s fundamental standards for care, including person-centeredness, safety, effectiveness, responsiveness, and leadership. The Nimmo Clinic is also registered with SaveFace, the only Government Approved Register which is exclusive to Doctors, Nurses, Dentists and Prescribing Pharmacists.

Dr. Martin Nimmo is also a member of The Allergan Medical Institute, developed in partnership with the most eminent specialists in their field, with a curriculum encompassing the latest scientific and clinical education.

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The vast majority of adults will be suitable for treatment. The common areas to be treated are:

  • Frown lines
  • Forehead lines
  • Crow’s feet lines around the eye
  • Enlarged jaw muscles (masseter muscles) to slim the face

Dr. Martin will always provide an in-depth consultation to ensure that your treatment is individualised for your specific concerns.

Typically the effects of anti wrinkle injections treatment will be visible for 3-4 months before requiring a re-application.

This will vary from patient to patient depending on the dose, the strength and activity of the muscles, and factors such as a patient’s metabolism.

After anti wrinkle injections, patients will typically experience some small raised red bumps for 30-60 minutes after treatment, with the potential for mild tenderness in the treated sight for a couple of days.

Occasionally, some patients will have a small localised bruises for a few days following treatment which can usually be covered with concealer if required.

You will usually be able to go about your day to day activities immediately following treatment.

However, to ensure optimal results it is important to to keep the target muscles active for a few hours and to avoid extremes of heat or cold, vigorous exercise for 24 hours, and lying down or leaning over for 4-6 hours.

From £255. The total investment will depend on the number of areas treated to achieve your desired result, and will be discussed at your consultation.

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